Welcome to my web page. This page is a gateway to everything you might want to know about me, Chris Venus. Everything that is that I don't mind being public on the internet. And that I think of at the time of writing.

On this site you will find many things describing who I am, what I do, what I look like and hopefully a lot more things. If you think of new features that you might like to see on my site then do let me know. Just drop me an e-mail saying "Why don't you have a page listing your favourite breeds of cows". I might of course tell you that you are being very silly and not include it but if it's a good idea and I have time I might incorporate it.


  • 24/7/2003 - Working on this site.
  • 25/7/2003 - Site finally gets uploaded.
Hong Kong Cinema Ping Pong

A wonderful little video with kung fu movie style stunts and you can even see the men to see how they do it. OK, might not sound it but it is very cool to watch.