Chris is boss ! He is so cool that ice cubes want to be him and have posters of him on their walls. He is too sexy not only for his shirt but for his entire wardrobe, all of which is not merely fashionable but defines fashion (but in an individualistic, offbeat-yet-stylish kind of way). Cute Goth Chicks dig him and want to get in his pants (but are too shy to ask). He grooves to the beat. Chris is strong yet gentle, confident but not arrogant, brilliant yet modest and possessed of a lightning wit that is cutting but never cynical. He is a man of the people, a icon for a generation and a living phenomenon. Chris hangs loose, but not so loose as to merit a 'Parental Advisory' sticker. He keeps his eye on the ball, does six impossible things before breakfast and still has time to sign autographs if you ask nicely. Finally, whilst it is true that Chris is not king, this is only because he does not wish to endorse antiquated autocratic forms of government.
- Dom
Hong Kong Cinema Ping Pong

A wonderful little video with kung fu movie style stunts and you can even see the men to see how they do it. OK, might not sound it but it is very cool to watch.