Roleplaying is something that has taken up far too much of my life over the past seven years. Well, not too much, just a lot. Not only has it been a great way to have fun but also to meet new people and, cliched though it sounds, has improved me greatly as a person.

I should apologise that for the time being I am going to be assuming that people know about roleplaying. I might update it later to have a beginners guide to roleplay but for the time being prepare to be confused if you're not a roleplayer. And maybe even if you are.

I only started RPing when I got to university in 1996. I'd been interested before then but never really had people to do it with. However, at Fresher's fair when I got to university I came across RPGSoc. it was through them that I played in my first tabletop game (run by Martin) and my first live action game (Inferno). From there on in I was hooked and still am.

I've met a lot of good friends through roleplaying. In fact the majority of my friends are probably people I've met through Roleplaying from Oxford friends to others all over the country thanks to Cam. It's made me a better person. In pretending to be other people I have been able to take the best parts of them and make them part of me. It has made me more confident, more outgoing and, I think, more intelligent. Roleplaying is a wonderful thing. :)

Currently I'm taking part in a few big games. CamUK is probably the biggest one (well, it pretty much has to be if you are just talking about size). CamUK is a global game based on White Wolf's World of Darkness. I play a Glasswalker in charge of the local sept, a very stressful job but can be very fun at times.

The other live action game I take part in is Victoriana, the latest of the RPGSoc Society games. The first term game was great fun. I got to play an evil industrialist/crime lord. I had minions and was responsible for about half the crime in the game (probably an exaggeration but who cares).

For the second Victoriana game, the two term one, I intend to reprise my role as an industrialist but this time with a whole lot less dodgy. I intend to provide plot and try to get lots of minions again. Mmmm... miniony goodness. :)

Tabletops I'm currently playing in are relatively few. Well, I think its one (though I am really worried that I am forgetting somebody here). Its Dawn's swordsmaster game, Athory, named after the place it is set. Its an absolutely fantastic game in which I am a cool healing mage who is cool at fighting and keeps doing stupid things to try to help other people and getting himself far too close to dying far too often.

Otherwise in the tabletop scene I have loads of ideas for things I want to run but most of my actual RP energy is devoted to running Exalted stuff. Exalted is another White Wolf offering and is absolutely my favourite game ever. I'm currently running a Dragon Blooded game (which I am hoping is going to have lots of nice politically type things) and I am hoping to start running a solar game next term (maybe with some lunars as well). Also I have some plans for some very silly one off games, hopefully the first of which will get run next term and may become a series of one offs. Who knows.

There are a few PBEM games I am in at the moment. One in which I play a PI called Decker and one in which I play Nathaniel Arkady, a writer from 1856. They're both very interesting games but I am still not 100% sure about PBEM games. The one in which I play Arkady, which is called The Blue Room, has a nice premise which means that any time discontinuity or any other discontinuity is explained well away because it all takes place in a dream. It works. :)

Note: this is being written on 24-July-2003 and all information is accurate as of then. Things almost certainly will change.

Hong Kong Cinema Ping Pong

A wonderful little video with kung fu movie style stunts and you can even see the men to see how they do it. OK, might not sound it but it is very cool to watch.